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Calculation of commitment period reserve (CPR calculation)

In Ukraine, AAUs introduced into circulation amount to 4,604,184,663 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The estimated value of the reserve for Ukraine is determined as 100% of the amount of GHG emissions in its most recently reviewed NIR multiplied by eight. The last reviewed inventory report is the National Inventory of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases Emissions and Removals in Ukraine for the period of 1990-2013.

According to this Inventory Report, the estimated value of the reserve is as follows:

385,933,202.8 x 8 = 3,087,465,622 tonnes of CO2e.

Thus, the estimated value of the reserve as of 31.12.2013 was 3,087,465,622 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

In accordance with the officially published SEIA report "On Holdings and Transactions in the National Electronic Registry of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals in Ukraine" as of 31.12.2012, the actual reserve for the commitment period, which consists of holdings of ERUs, CERs, AAUs and RMUs not canceled in accordance with decision 13/CMP.1, is 4,163,258,438 assigned amount units of carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes. At the same time, the estimated value of the reserve in Ukraine is less than the actual one, which corresponds to the requirements of the Parties to the reserve in accordance with the Annex to decision 11/CMP.1.


Commitment Period


Assigned Ammount Units  -

 4 604 184 663 t CO2-eqv

Commitment Period Reserve -

2 013 329 750 t CO2-eqv